Dialogue between Root Sculpture and Poetry in Kaihua , China

On December 3rd, a festival named The 9th Chinese (Kaihua-The China Box) Root Carving Art Culture Festival (also known as The 2020 Qiantang Poetry Road Kaihua Seeking the Source Event), which themed with Talking about Qianjiangyuan a good place to seek roots poetically, was held in Kaihua County, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. The festival that highlighted the beauty of Chinese culture and showed the harmony between human and nature was a conversation between root carving art and poetry.

Leaders and guests are starting activities.

What local people take pride in is that the Gengong Buddhist Cultural Tourism Zone in Kaihua was certified as The Largest Root Sculpture Museum all over the world by the official Guinness Book of World Records during the festival. Kaihua have had a long history of root carving art, which makes Kaihua immersed in a strong developmental atmosphere. There are more than 30 root carving enterprises, nearly 2,000 employees, making 300,000 root carving works annually which valued over 1.5 billion yuan. The Gengong Buddhist Cultural Tourism Zone mentioned before is regarded as a core display window which shows root carving industry in Kaihua County are developing vigorously.

Kaihua is located at the source of the Qiantang River in Zhejiang Province and is an important node in the construction of the Qiantang River Poetry Road Cultural Belt. On the festival, Kaihua was awarded the title Zhejiang Poetry Hometown and Cultural Research Base of the Root of Qiantang River Poetry Road Cultural Belt by relevant institutions. A group of experts and scholars gathered to discuss the poetry of Kaihua and how would Kaihua play a role in constructing the Qiantang River Poetry Road Cultural Belt. Experts agreed that Kaihua should create a new cultural brand as the root of Qiantang River Poetry Road Cultural Belt.

With its forest coverage rate at 80.7%, environment and air quality in Kaihua are really excellent. Kaihua used to be a poor county, recently, they turn green mountain into Golden Mountain. It has strengthened determination and confidence of local people who are determined in ecological development. That is the reason why the festival themed with Talking about Qianjiangyuan a good place to seek roots poetically.