Maintain Sustainable Growth the Brand of Limingtang Upgrades and Starts Again

Guangzhou Limingtang is a comprehensive company integrating the health industry, jewelry trade, cultural communication and other multi-industry modules. Driven by these three main business modules, Limingtang strives to become the pioneer and leading enterprise of promoting Chinese culture and sinology. On November 11, 2020, Limingtang invited Guangdong Zhuhai Zhongqing Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. as a shareholder, and officially renamed as Guangzhou Zhongqing Liming Culture Communication Co., Ltd., in order to better spread our traditional culture.

Limingtang was founded in 2009. This brand upgrade is an important milestone in the company’s development, which reflects the correct direction of the company’s past development as well as recognition of the various achievements made by the company from the society.

China Youth Travel Service Group, China Everbright Group Co., Ltd., Ministry of finance, etc. are the superior leading organizations of China Youth Science and Technology which is a modern enterprise focusing on high-tech products and integrating scientific research, production and marketing. The participation of Zhongqing Science and Technology has not only expanded the popularity and reputation of Limingtang but also broadened the communication channels so that our national essence can be better and faster transmitted to more Chinese people.

The in-depth cooperation between the two parties this time is not only due to the fact that Limingtang has been widely praised by people from all walks of life at home and abroad as well as the attention and recognition of China Youth Tourism Group (CYTS) in promoting the traditional Chinese culture and social harmony, but also it is more important that there two companies share the same business philosophy – “Protecting and inheriting excellent traditional culture and strengthening cultural exchange and cooperation”, which is always emphasized by CYTS Group and is exactly the original intention and mission of Limingtang in carrying forward Chinese traditional culture and promoting social harmony.

The company’s inheritance and development of traditional culture is reflected in its daily operation: in order to protect and inherit Wing Chun, the company specially invited Chen Jiye, the fourth-generation successor of Wing Chun, to give on-site lectures to students. In order to ensure the authenticity of the standard of Wing Chun, Shen Liming, the founder of Limingtang, has printed the handwritten copies handed down to him by the masters of different schools, so that it could be carried forward in a wider range. In order to allow overseas people to have more convenient access to learn the charm of the great country, the company has set up branches in Singapore and Malaysia to bring Chinese cultural treasures to the world and establish a stronger national self-confidence.

After the brand upgrading, Zhongqing Liming will continue to uphold the beginner’s mind, and the vision of the enterprise is to become the benchmark in the culture industry through the strong alliance of both parties. Take the value creation for customers and the socialist core value practices as the mission to jointly promote the development of our traditional culture, so that Chinese traditional culture can go out of the country and be better carried forward in our inheritance.